For the first time in 20 years!

I was resigned to the fact that my limited flexibility and lower back pain were just a part of life. I could no longer jump up and move without pain. This is the first winter that my lower back has not hurt in over 20 years. I have more jump in my step and I feel years younger. For the first time in years I feel like I can do things that are active that I would have previously avoided.

Sylvia C

Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

I had never been to a chiropractor before and was a little nervous. But the pain in my neck and shoulder had to be addressed and McKinley Chiropractic was right next door… After coming to McKinley Chiropractic, the pain in my neck and shoulder is gone. I’m no longer nervous about seeing the chiropractor (as long as it’s Dr. McKinley ūüôā ) and I have been blessed with some ongoing friends!!

Lynn G

After coming to McKinley Chiropractic….

* I feel encouraged to take better care of my body!

* I’m more knowledgeable about my overall health and sources of pain

* My pain has decreased

Meagan B

Relief after 23 years without medication!

I broke my neck as well as herniated 3 discs in 1990 and I have experienced severe pain since with very little relief.

I rarely take the time to make comments or leave feedback for a business. However, the results that I have experienced from McKinley Chiropractic are so dramatic that I am compelled to share with others my positive experience.

It has been 23 years since I have had the physical relief from pain without having to take medication. I have always been under the impression that a Chiropractor was someone that cracked your back and nothing more. I have learned that these doctors help with tension, muscular pain, and nerves.

Not only are these physicians extraordinary at what they do, their bedside manners are off the chart! There is a sense of peace and harmony among the employees, which contribute to a very pleasant visit each and every time I go for a treatment.

After months of telling my husband that these doctors could help with his elbow, he hesitantly agreed to try one visit. He experienced the same relief that I have had since I walked through the clinic’s doors.

Laney B

Attention to Detail in Treatment

Dr. McKinley and the staff of McKinley Chiropractic are extremely professional and considerate in their treatment of patients. I appreciate their attention to detail and continuing efforts to understand and treat the areas most in need of attention, or underlying the obvious pain and soreness. I give Dr. McKinley the highest possible personal recommendation.

Larry L

Better Every Day

Before coming to McKinley Chiropractic, I had pain and limited motion.

After coming to McKinley Chiropractic, I’m getting better every day.

Jay H

Auto Accident, No need for pain meds

Before coming to McKinley Chiropractic, I was suffering with pain and swelling in my knee after an auto accident and early morning headaches. In less than 2 weeks – almost no pain in knee and significant improvement in early morning headaches. No need for pain meds!

Debbie G

Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief

I had a lot of pain in left shoulder and neck. I had gone to three different Dr.’s before coming to McKinley Chiropractic. Dr. McKinley and his staff are very frienddly and kind. They have all put me at ease. I highly recommend Dr. McKinley for all your health care services and needs.

Pamla F

Periods of no back pain and Weight Loss

Before coming to McKinley Chiropractic: I had chronic low back pain; I was gaining weight; and I had occasional constipation.

After coming to McKinley Chiropractic: I have periods of no back pain or ache; I have lost weight; and I have no constipation.

Ellen B

Hope After 10 Years of Pain

Before coming to McKinley Chiropractic, I was experiencing constant back pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain. Physical pain every single day for 10 years was very hard to handle. It affected my work, my social life, and my happiness. I felt that, well, pain was something I just had to live with. And then a friend said I should see Dr. McKinley. After being treated at McKinley Chiropractic of Austin my life has changed. I received treatments to get me back into good alignment. I received x-rays and explanation. But the most important thing to me was what I received from Dr. McKinley at every single visit: Hope. I now have hope and I feel I can live without constant pain. Thank you, Dr. McKinley and staff!

Shantel C

Dr. Maxwell truly listens

As with the rest of the staff over the years, Dr. Maxwell offers friendly, personal care. She is willing to take the time to listen and respond to individual, specific issues and special circumstances. I am treated first and foremost as a person. My symptoms are addressed, but within the context of life – not just as symptoms. She works with me and with my body while expressing care for my life as a whole. My husband and I appreciate the family atmosphere. We’re willing to drive further (from Elgin) for the excellent care we’ve always received.

Lannette L

Pain free after 25 years!

First, I must say that I feel blessed to have found Dr. McKinley and his amazing team. After looking for a good treatment facility, I found the perfect one. It feels like visiting family to go to the office. They make you feel welcome, comfortable and safe. And the treatment I received from Dr. McKinley relieved pain I had suffered for 25 years! Amazing. Recently I have been treated by Dr. Maxwell and I could not be more pleased. She is simply terrific. She’s sensitive, caring and thorough. She has markedly improved my life by working with me to address any issues–and she is so effective! I endorse Dr. McKinley and Dr. Maxwell and their team without reservation. Do yourself a favor – go to them for help!

Carl T

Headache & vision blackout relief

Dr. Maxwell has treated my 13 year old daughter. After weeks seeking a diagnosis for ongoing headache & vision blackouts, we sought out a different style of treatment to find relief. After the first visit, exam, Dr. Maxwell was able to determine areas of concern that ultimately lead to a very effective treatment that has brought relief to my daughter after weeks of pain and missed school. Though reluctant in the begining, my daughter is now a firm believer in the treatment she received from Dr. Maxwell.

Dana N

Chiropractic Forever

I have always been afraid to go to a chiropractor for fear of having my neck and back adjusted, that is until I started coming to Dr. McKinley.  He explained in detail just exactly what he was doing and how it was going to make me feel better and he did it so gently too.  Chiropractic is now a part of my life for ever.

Kathy H

I Want To Jump!

I’m in the middle of treatment after having knee pains to the point of not walking. ¬†I got in a car accident and started getting treatment. ¬†Now after 2 weeks, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! ¬†There are days I can actually walk and I even want to jump!

Phillip S.

No More Daily Neck Pain

I came to Dr. McKinley seeking treatment for chronic neck pain.  I was diagnosed with a whiplash injury that occurred several years ago.  I have been undergoing treatment twice a week for the last several weeks.  I have noticed a definite imporvement.  I no longer have neck pain or stiffness on a daily basis.  Dr. McKinley was highly recommended to me by two of his long-time patients.  He and his entire staff have been so friendly.  I will also recommend him to other people I know!

Amy O.

Well Worth the Drive!

I had gotten my spine uneven by sitting too long on an uneven bench. ¬†Dr. McKinley helped me so much on the very first visit. ¬†My pain went from 10 to 7 just with one adjustment. ¬†Dr. McKinley is one of the most caring, genuine Dr.’s I have ever met. ¬†He has the gift of helping others in a true Christ-like fashion. ¬†I am so thankful for Dr. McKinley and his entire staff are some of the most helpful, concerned people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing. ¬†Also I live in Round Rock and drive 25+ miles to see Dr. McKinley and it is well worth the drive & time.

Donna L.

Very kind and caring Doctor and staff

Since my initial appointment, I have found the staff as well as Dr. McKinley to be: very kind, concerned & caring. They’re willing to go beyond the call of duty in making you feel as if you’re a part of the McKinley Chiropractic family. Which has inspired me to bring other family members in as patients. He, meaning Dr. McKinley, is thoughtful & thorough, soft-spoken & reassuring about your health. The staff is just as encouraging & personal. I wish I could open a clinic for him on the other side of town.

Tony T

Immediate Eyesight Improvement!

After just 1 treatment I got tremendous relief! ¬†I was in a car accident 3 months ago and unable to turn my head completely and quickly, but on my way home, I was able to freely check the car’s blindspots! ¬†I also noticed improvement in my eyesight immediately after the treatment. ¬†I came in relatively unaware of what would be done but I had several recommendations to get help from Dr. McKinley. ¬†I was tired of constant whiplash pain and evidently those electrodes and heating pads do wonders! ¬†It’s just the beginning, but it’s obviously the best place to start ūüôā ¬†To top it off, all off, all their staff is so friendly and compassionate. ¬†A thousand blessings to your business, in Jesus’ name!

Julie S.

Very Attentive

Dr. McKinley and staff have always been very attentive to my health needs.  They always answer all my questions

Gilbert R.

Baseball player strech

Dr. McKinley showed me a simple “baseball player” strech to use when i practice. Almost completly eliminated my lower back pain.

Thank You

Steve L.

Huge Blessing!

I’ve been coming to Dr. McKinley for only a month, and my quality of life has already significantly changed for the better! ¬†I suffer with migraines, and have lived with the idea that I was just going to have to “grin and bear it” for the rest of my life. ¬†I feel this way no longer! ¬†Dr. McKinley has already so greatly relieved my head and neck tension that the frequency and severity of my headaches has already reduced! ¬†Dr. McKinley offers not only a great service, but a genuine care and compassion for my pain and needs. ¬†What a gift! ¬†God ahs already used the McKinley’s to be a huge blessing in my life. ¬†I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who deals with headaches!

Tami H.

Adjustments during pregnancy

I have seen 4 other chiropractors in the past 15 years, and Dr. McKinley’s patience, expertise and bed-side manner far surpass them all. I have been a patient of Dr. McKinley’s for about 4 years for various chiropractic concerns ranging from injuries and neurological issues, to pregnancy. During my pregnancy, he saw me frequently to keep my body in alignment during such a huge change physically. I can’t think of ANY other chiropractor that I would trust to adjust me during pregnancy, and I have no fears or concerns that he didn’t have mine and my baby’s health, safety and well-being in mind at all times. My husband and I also participated in a full body wellness cleanse that Dr. McKinley guided us through, and the health benefits were incredible. He is a very gifted doctor, and his staff is just awesome! They are always attentive and kind. Thank you McKinley Chiropractic! You guys are the best!!

Charis E

Core Values

A unique medical practice that intergrates these values:

– People who care = Compassion

– People with skills = Competency

– People with integrity = Character

William T.

Back to normal

I wanted to thank you all for helping me get back to normal over the past few months since my car accident. Not only did Y’all help me physically but emotionally as well. I was always in a better place after leaving your office. Y’all care about the well-being of your patients as well as about who they are as individuals. i could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you and i will be sure to return if future treatment is needed. Happy Holidays and God Bless!

Thank You~

Jillian N.

Lots of Love From This Place!

My back was out of alignment making one of my legs slightly longer than the other. ¬†I also have a minor case of scoliosis. ¬†My visit was miraculous! ¬†I came in feeling terrible and left standing straight & walking tall. ¬†I was astonished at the results. ¬†Since then my alignment has been fixed and I do regular monthly visits because the experience is so wonderful. ¬†The staff is the friendlist I’ve run into, always helpful. ¬†They take the extra effort to make me feel like I belong. ¬†Lots of love comes from this place & these people. ¬†I highly recommend ūüôā

Ryan H.

Sleep is Good

I want to thank you so much for helping me be able to sleep lying down again, what a relief!

Mark F.

Never Want To Go Anywhere Else!

I have been to several chiropractors over the years and Dr. McKinley and his staff are above and beyond….the best! It isn’t just the chiropractic care that is excellent, but the warm and welcoming staff that make me feel like I am genuinely cared about. ¬†The office is warm, welcoming and relaxing. ¬†It is the opposite of “clinical”! ¬†Dr. McKinley is gentle with his adjustments and has such a warm personality. ¬†Once you come here, you will never want to ever go anywhere else.

Megan T.

Back to my old self again!

I started seeing Dr. McKinley and staff a few months ago for lower back pain. Let me say the good doctor and his staff have taken care of me better than any other doctor I have ever seen. I’m back to my old self again, I can life heavy objects without fear of pain, I’m back to riding my bike and working in the yard. I was so impressed with Dr. McKinley that on my last visit, I set up an appointment for my wife to see him. he and his staff are truly amazing!

Andrew W

The Best of the Best

Dr. McKinley is the absolute best doctor I have ever been blessed to see. He always knows what hurts even if you forget to mention it.

Judy V.

Worth the drive!

I drive 71.2 miles from Lexington, TX to come see Dr. McKinley. There is no better doctor! I walk in in pain and walk out pain-free. It’s so worth it!

Judy J


I have been coming to Dr. McKinley’s office for about 3 months and he has helped me so much. ¬†They are very flexible and very friendly and helpful. ¬†I recommend this office to my friends.

Heather N.


My wife and I have been very blessed by Dr. McKinley and his staff. He has helped us with our health and attitude about our health in a major way. You can tell this is a ministry not a job to him. I believe he was chosen for this profession. Dr. McKinley really cares about people, you can tell when u meet him and even more so after you have come to know him. His entire staff is a blessing to be around. They are all a family of caring people. Theyt are real and that makes each visit special. When speaking with them they always make you feel like part of the family. My wife and i look forward to each visit. Its so wonderful to be pain free and we would recommend Dr. McKinley and his staff to everyone.

Bryan C.

Migraine relief

Since I have been seeing Dr. McKinley, I have been getting electrotherapy & adjustments. The office staff has always been very helpful & considerate to my needs. Throughout my treatment, Dr. McKinley has talked with me to make sure I knew what was going on which definitely helps to put my mind at ease. I can honestly attest that because of treatment with Dr. McKinley, my migraines have disappeared completely. Not only is that a burden off my shoulders, but a tremendous physical and mental relief as well.

Brooke C

No Need to Look Any Further!

Over the years I have been to a couple of different doctors varying from M.D. to therapy.  Dr. McKinley has been a blessing to me and my care; going the extra mile in every manner.  His staff and himself put you first before anything else and they know what they are doing.  I have no need to look further for medical care.

Josh R.

No more pain

I felt even better today. My back feels better than I can’t remember when. No pain.

Chris K

Surgery Avoided!

Dr. McKinley and his staff are true professionals and your well-being is always a priority from day one. All the staff are nice, friendly and ensure that you’re comfortable during each visit. I had come in with lower back pain and ended up finding out that I had a herniated disk. Dr. McKinley gave me great guidance and helped rehab my back back to health without surgery, with regular adjustments and the Decompression machine. Now I am back to a sport and exercise regimen. I refer Dr. McKinley to everyone. Thank you!

Ron P

Environment of Warmth.

First, Dr. McKinley’s sweet spirit creates an environment of warmth, genuine concern and care. ¬†Second, he’s clearly well educated in chiropractic medicine and is often called to provide expert testimony at the capital. ¬†Finally, his teatment of my lower back has given me the freedom to continue to wake board, wake surf, rock climb and generally live life to the fullest with my teenage sons and daughters!

Steve L.

Back to the YMCA

Wow! i had just recently begun to lift weights and play basketball at the local YMCA in order to get a little more fit.¬† When my lower back started to give me trouble. Dr. McKinley came highly recommended by several people from my church. From my very first office visit I was feeling much much better. I no longer needed Ibuprofen to recover from playing basketball. And not only was Dr. McKinley fantastic but his staff was very friendly, helpful, and informative. To be honest i was never a fan of chiropractic care due to previous experiences in other states where i lived, but this was amazingly different! I’m pain free as i write this! Thanks Dr. McKinley & Staff!

Mike G.

Not pushy!

Dr. McKinley is very thorough with his examinations.  He is a very caring doctor.  Always concerned about your well being.  Remembers his patients.  I would recommend him to everyone.  Most important, he is not a pushy chiropractor.  Honest and professional.

Trina L.

From walker to walking pain-free!

First I want to emphasize what a pleasant & enjoyable experience it has been for me working with Dr. McKinley and his entire staff. They are all very cheerful & skilled. My problem was an inflamed L5 nerve – exreme pain. When I first started spinal decompression therapy, I struggled to walk with a walker. Today (2 months later), I am pain-free, walking without any aid. My foot has still not fully regained function, but physical therapy is helping. I heartily recommend McKinley Chiropractic and their spinal decompression therapy.

Bert L

Ministry of Chiropractic

I came to see Dr. McKinley after I had injured my back and was nearly in tears.  I was immediately taken into their office like a family member and absolutely taken care of.  After just one adjustment the pain was nearly completely gone.  I felt 95% better!  The McKinleys truly do have a ministry in their chiropractic office and I am so thankful for them!

Melody B.


I sit in an office all day, and when I’m not there I’m in planes, cars and conferences. ¬†My back and spine experience a lot of pressure with this stop & go lifestyle. ¬†Dr. McKinley helps relieve the compression in my lower spine and aligns my hips so that I have straight legs to play and work! ¬†He’s very gentle with his adjustments – which helps me to feel comfortable and relaxes. ¬†Plus, his office staff is ALWAYS helpful and friendly. ¬†Thanks guys!!

Laura P.

Dr. McKinley is the best!

I love my appointments with Dr. McKinley! He is so calming and gentle and very knowledgeable. He knew I had an old whiplash injury just by looking at my x-rays. His treatments are always very specific to my needs and I always feel so much better after seeing him. The office is comfortable and the staff is so friendly and efficient. Always a pleasure!

Emily S

Great Atmosphere!

Dr. McKinley operates a very professional clinic with great family atmosphere. ¬†I greatly appreciate the many great specials that they offer, it makes it quite affordable , and in today’s economy that’s a must. ¬†Their staff is friendly and Dr. McKinley is very attentive to the individual needs and concerns of his patients.

Kathy K.

Great Stuff!

My wife, three sons and I have been very blessed to receive various treatments from the McKinley clinic. It has been a positive experience from every angle: healing, pain relief, comfort, peace & joy. The atmosphere and reception sets the healing process in motion. Everything is clean, effective and pleasant to work with. Its hard to imagine any place that could possibly be more conducive to dealing with the hardships and stresses that life deals each of us. Great stuff!

Hugh S

Gentle and Thorough

I am an independent video producer and after lifting heavy equipment, I strained my back. I was in such pain that I could barly walk, let alone work on my projects. A close friend of mine recommended me to Dr. McKinley. After several sessions of therapy and adjustments (2x a week for 3 weeks), I feel wonderful again. Dr. McKinley is very gentle and thorough in his procedures and understanding of my level of pain. I feel like I have my life back again thanks to Dr. McKinley and his incredible staff!

Pam I

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